We are a multidisciplinary voluntary organization

Committed to improving the quality of healthcare delivery in Nigeria.


NSIC is a multidisciplinary voluntary organization committed to improving the quality of healthcare delivery in Nigeria through evidence-based infection prevention and control policies/strategies.

A glance through what we do

Promote awareness about IPC

We provide easy to understand information on infection prevention and control measures against infectious diseases..

Support Education and research in Infection Control

We provide,  promote and support opportunities for continuing education in Infection prevention and control and in related fields.

Formulate National IPC guidelines

Our members work together to develop guidelines on infection prevention and control that facilitate improved quality of healthcare delivery in Nigeria

Become part of the National body.

As leaders in the specialty, Our members turn challenges into opportunities that propel Infection Prevention forward. NSIC gives you the tools to meet today’s challenges, and the insight to prepare for tomorrow’s. Find out about the valuable resources you enjoy as a NSIC member.

Our Activities

NSIC organizes scientific conferences and collaborative trainings to increase the awareness of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) issues nationally.

National Contribution & Recognizations

NSIC has been at the forefront of the infection prevention and control practices in Nigeria. Our members constantly make efforts to contribute towards Infection Control and Prevention in Nigeria.  

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